Working Together on Minor Use Issues

European Minor Use Database (EUMUDA)
The EU Minor Uses Database (EUMUDA) is the database of the EU Technical Working Group on Minor Uses (TWG) and the EU Expert Working Groups Minor Uses (EWG). Aim of the database is to enable and improve the cooperation between the EU Member States in the field of Minor Uses. In addition, information will be provided for registrations in accordance with Article 40 and 51 of the Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009. The database was established to encourage the EU Member States to generate and report important national information and to offer it in one place in English language.

Homologa ™, the Global Crop Protection Products Database

Homologa gives access to detailed information about • Approved and expired crop protection products, all translated in English.
• Existing- and future Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs).
• It covers all crops including ornamentals and some non-agricultural uses.
• Biological products are included.
• Access to label information is given in many countries.

It is the ideal Minor Uses data mining tool for finding already existing solutions. Homologa™ is updated constantly. Homologa™ can be accessed via a web-portal or via regular alert reports that are sent by e-mail. The alert reports contain information about new or expired products and MRLs. A subscription is needed for accessing the database. If you are interested, please contact them. They offer free trials.

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